Rebecca Giroux

My yoga journey started in my college years. Classes were something fun that I could do with my friends when we had the time. When I hit my late 20’s, I started practicing more regularly as a way to stay fit and also as a way to calm my mind from a busy life. I joined the Alley Cat studio in late 2014 and immediately fell in love with the awesome community of “Alley Caters” and the great instructors. This year I was blessed with both great timing, training, and opportunity to become a yoga instructor. In May of 2018, I will receive my 200 Hour RYT certification.

I love that there is a type of yoga out there for everyone. I enjoy the balance of the hard and soft that we can create within our practice. There are many styles of yoga that I enjoy…..anything that allows me to create dynamic flows, to assist us in discovering strength and flexibility in our own bodies. Let’s have some fun and laugh too!

Erica Mainu

I didn’t understand the importance of health and fitness until my freshman year of high school. Once I set a goal for myself and kept accomplishing my fitness goals, I began to change my attitude towards my body and the way I ate. To me, hitting the gym and fitness classes are not about getting down to a certain number on the scale and looking a certain way. It’s about setting goals and challenging yourself, gaining confidence, and creating a better healthier you and I want to share this with everyone I come across!

Carrie Kast

I came across yoga in 2006 and meditation in 2012, but didn’t start to incorporate it fully into my life until 2014. I found the mind body connection of yoga and meditation transformative both physically and emotionally. I then fell in love with hot yoga and community of being at a yoga studio. I also saw how it positively impacted my relationships. I recently completed Level 1 Journey into Power Training Program led by Baron Baptiste and feel inspired to bring this style of yoga to Alley Cat. The meditation that I enjoy teaching is inspired by Tao meditation principles. I hope to help others connect to themselves through both yoga and meditation.